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Hamas Sweeps Palestinian Elections >>> The idea that foreign leaders were 'shocked' by Hamas' win is ridiculous. Maybe I'm limited by my own perspective, but I knew this was coming and so did many others; anybody with even a casual interest in the Palestinian situation came to the same conclusion. What happens next shouldn't be much of a surprise either: In response, Israel moves to the right and elects Benjamin Netanyahu in their March 28 elections. Then--if they haven't already--they move to strike Iran. If you're wondering what's so bad about Hamas, read this. Also, the CT blog has some good analysis here.

Women in Special Operations
>>> Hollywood productions aside, most people have no idea that women exist in this capacity. It's common knowledge that women have long been involved in intelligence and espionage, but combat is a whole different ball game. During World War II, the Soviet Union utilized a good number of female snipers with great success, but this was certainly the exception rather than the rule. Today, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding women in combat, which the asymmetrical nature of the war in Iraq has served to highlight. However, women have proved invaluable in many regards. For example, Delta Force's 'Funny Platoon'--named as such because it is the only place in the US military where women may serve in a combat role--specializes in infiltrating targeted areas and gathering information before the US military begins operations there. It is likely that the British SAS and a number of other countries employ women in a similar fashion.

Radical University Professors >>> As radical as this professor is, I know from personal experience that he is most certainly not the only one out there. This kind of nonsense has pervaded the American academic establishment for decades--on both sides of the political spectrum, thank you very much--and it doesn't look to be waning anytime soon. Looking for a sensible, impartial, and reason-based education? You'd be better off doing the research on your own and educating yourself. One of my favorite aphorisms is this: Never depend on anyone else for your information. If you want the truth, go and find it yourself.

More on Body Armor >>> The body armor controversy has been an interesting one. On one hand, you have people trying to enhance the survivability of US soldiers by calling for additional body armor--certainly an understandable and admirable desire. On the other hand, you have a substantial number of the soldiers themselves who are basically saying 'You don't get it. Too much armor can DECREASE our survivability!' In the words of Sgt. Chris Mettler--quoted by Murdoc--"I thank these people for their concern. But let us be the ones asking for extra armor." For some serious background on the Interceptor Body Armor in question, puts out. Make sure to check out the fifth paragraph, which details the effects of body armor on accuracy at varying distances. Interesting results.


  • When you talk about "nutty professors" I understand you are required to post the obligatory "on both sides of the aisle." But you must understand that actual data exists which shows the quantitative differences in ideological persuasions in the university. When keeping things vague and "fair", it often obscures an important underlying reality.

    By Blogger al fin, at January 27, 2006 7:20 AM  

  • al Fin,

    There was nothing obligatory about my comment.

    I sincerely believe that the Left has a far, far greater hold over the university culture than the Right does, but that doesn't mean the Right is nowhere to be found.

    My problem is not with either of the particular ideologies--people are free to believe whatever they want--but rather with radicalism in general. Both sides are guilty of it, though in the academic setting the Left certainly takes the cake. However, I can cite clear examples of radical Right-wing professors as well.

    Neither side has a monopoly on anything, be it virtue or vice.

    By Blogger Jesse Clark, at January 27, 2006 3:17 PM  

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