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Saddam Trial Judge >>> This is the Irony of the Century for what looks to be the Trial of the Century: The new judge is from the Kurdish town of Halabja--which Saddam gassed in 1988. Thousands of people died. Here's looking forward to justice.

Hamas and the Money Squeeze >>> Obviously, Hamas' terrorist history combined with its newly acquired authority in the Palestinian government presents a lot of problems. One of the most interesting dilemmas is the money issue. Wretchard provides some great analysis here, here, and here. For the ultimate background of Hamas' rise to power, check out Security Watchtower.

Cloaking Device >>> Now this is the ultimate Ghillie Suit. Awesome!

Iraqi 8th Army Takes Over
>>> These two provinces--both in relatively peaceful Shi'a Iraq--are still fairly large, covering a territory about the size of Kentucky. The 270,000 mark for ISF personnel is approaching quickly, and I'm holding to my original prediction that we will reach that level around May-June, roughly two months sooner than the projected July-August timetable.


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