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You might have noticed that the links in the right sidebar have been substantially enhanced. If you didn't, then now you know. Many of them are a reference tool so you can go about learning more about all this stuff. All of the Blogs of Note are worth checking out, and the Humor/Satire category should round out all of this 'serious terrorism business'. The 'People You Need To Read' category is just that. It's a small category for good reason: Anybody found there is the elite of the elite, and you should ignore them at your own peril. Also, I vastly expanded the Welcome Page. You can find a link to it on the right. In the next few weeks, I hope to add a few more improvements to the interface, and update the Acronyms Page with links. Any suggestions? E-mail is on the right.

Bangladesh >>> An often ignored country in an often ignored part of the world, and it's becoming a terror hub for just that reason. Pakistani involvement is not surprising, and could be considered legitimate covert action except that these groups are likely engaged in terrorism, not 'freedom fighting' or what-have-you. The last sentence is particularly telling.

Troops Say They're Still Needed
>>> It is quite possible that the withdrawal of troops from Iraq will be rushed in a way that is detrimental both to Iraq and the remaining US troops, i.e. the 'last guys out'. Political pressure for withdrawal is enormous and with congressional elections later this year, expect some stupid decisions. I'm going to go ahead and make a prediction: We will pull out of Iraq a little bit too early, and the Iraqi forces will then have a deluge of violence on their hands. This will be cited by many as proof that the entirety of Operation Iraqi Freedom was a failure. At this point I'm not as certain: Either the ISF will prevail against the violence after a few weeks/months and re-assert control, or the violence will be such that they will take drastic measures and only make things worse. Doesn't sound so good, does it? That's why I hope I'm wrong, and we stay till the job is done.

After the Election >>> Iraq the Model details what it's like on the ground in Iraq amidst the frustration of the elections and the surge of violence in the past couple of days. You should read the whole thing, but if you're short on time at least read the last paragraph.

US Agents Fired Upon Near Mexican Border
>>> This reminds me of the constant attacks on Coalition aircraft in the Iraqi no-fly zones before the invasion in 2003. None of them were hit, but--absent some sort of intervention--it was only a matter of time before somebody on the ground got lucky. Same thing on the US-Mexico border.

Congress Cuts Funds For JSF >>> And then they revive a missile killed by DOD. I'm not trying to make any sort of statement about either of these actions by the Congress, but to reveal how the system works for developing new military technology. The DOD typically runs point, but Congress can move some serious weight when they want to. Like the rest of the system, only when the two can compromise on an issue will it be put to work.

X-Ray Vision >>> Cool.


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