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Ariel Sharon >>> Wretchard provides a look at the world's response to Sharon's failing health, and provides an interesting historical comparison.

There Go Those French Youths Again >>> Another example of the youth in France going nuts in the satirical yet logical style that only Dymphna can dish out. A great read.

The Amman Effect: Ramadi Edition >>> The recent hotel bombings in Amman, Jordan by
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al-Qaeda in Iraq group had a radical effect on native Jordanians. Before the bombings, 55% of Jordanians expressed support for al-Qaeda. Afterwards, the public uproar against the terror organization was resounding, and the streets were crowded with people rallying against Zarqawi, a Jordanian himself. (Don't belief me? Here are the numbers.) The question we asked ourselves following those attacks was simple: What was Zarqawi thinking? Once again, we have to ask the same question in Ramadi, Iraq. Arguably the largest area of insurgent concentration left in Iraq, it symbolizes the remaining struggle in the Anbar province, of which it is the provincial capital. After yesterday's surge of violence throughout Iraq, the Amman Effect is coming into play. I don't presume to think that Zarqawi is a fool. In his business, you don't last as long as he has by being stupid. But try as I may, I have yet to grasp any sort of strategic or tactical value from these types of attacks.


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