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I've ditched the categories which I used in previous posts to lump stories together. I found they were a little too clear-cut to suit the issues at large and they took up space on the page. Any input on this or other changes?
Saddam's Terror Training Camps >>> An excellent article by the Weekly Standard on Saddam's terror ties, how it was overshadowed by the hunt for WMDs, the sheer volume of the evidence in question, and the lumbering dinosaur that is the United States intelligence community. A must read.

Rockets Against Israel 'Ordered By Osama' >>> I don't buy it. Why would Osama bin Laden place so much importance in a trivial--and ultimately fruitless--attack? Some might argue that bin Laden's network is crippled and can only mount attacks in a limited capacity such as this one, but recent attacks have shown that to be somewhat questionable. Al-Qaeda has proved to be remarkably adaptive, even though its leader has been effectively nullified. Indeed, the line between bin Laden's al-Qaeda and Zarqawi's al-Qaeda is blurry at best, and it would not be surprising to find that the two were operating independently of each other. This could well be a simple effort by Zarqawi to lend some credence to his network.

Air Marshals >>> By far the most comprehensive and brutally honest account of the Federal Air Marshal Service, where its capabilities are lacking, and what needs to be done about it. Definitely worth reading if you plan on flying anytime soon.

Body Armor >>> A US soldier on why body armor may be doing more harm than good.


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