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2006 State of the Union >>> If you missed it, the White House has a transcript and streaming video. Pretty decent speech, actually. CT blog breaks it down here.

IAEA: Iran Has Plans For A Bomb >>> Given this statement by the IAEA--and their report several months back in which they gave the shortest-yet estimate of how soon Iran could acquire nuclear weapons--it is odd that they have been the most cautious of all participants in the Iranian affair.

Fuqra Fugitives >>> CP continues his coverage of domestic terror organization Jamaat ul-Fuqra with a look at its connection with a number of wanted fugitives. He also expresses frustration at their removal from the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations in 2000.

Lasers! >>> That's right! Lasers!

What's So Great About the .45? >>> This article doesn't mention it, but the .40 S&W cartridge is another spectacular round that offers increased performance (read: stopping power) over the 9mm, while producing less recoil than the .45 and carrying more ammunition.
For those reasons, the .40 is my preferred pistol round. However, the argument over pistol caliber is a never-ending one, and gun enthusiasts will disagree over this issue forever.


  • Ooh... a thread on handguns.

    The .45 has a rather short range compared to the 9mm and the .40. Plus newer rounds average a bit more accurate for those who practice at accuracy.

    Not saying .45s can't be made accurate, but the newer rounds tend to offer inherent accuracy advantages.

    If I was shooting targets I would probably pick the 9mm. If shooting people I would definitely want the .45.

    But in a service weapon, the newer .40 gives better knockdown than the 9mm, and greater accuracy at range than the .45.

    I also think the design of the .40 round offers a better balance of bullet size, cartrige size, and powder load.

    If I carried a handgun in a service capacity I would probably carry a .40. I own and practice with a M1911 model .45, because I think it is cool. The ammo is cheap and easy to get, and I have all the reloading stuff for it.

    FYI: It's not just about .45 caliber in general. Here we are discussing .45 ACP, as opposed to .45 Long Colt, .44 Mag, or even a .357 Mag. So, the design of the entire round is sometimes as important as the calibre.

    I happen to like .357 Mag also, and would also be happy to carry one as a service weapon.

    By Blogger Lawrence, at February 05, 2006 1:55 PM  

  • Yeah, it's been a while since I touched on the Eternal Handgun Caliber Debate, so I thought I'd revisit the subject.

    You're right, I was referring to the .45 ACP. Along with the .40 S&W and 9mm Parabellum (or Luger), these three rounds dominate the handgun debate because of their availability. The .357 SIG is starting to grab some attention though, and with good reason.

    I prefer the .40 for several reasons: Of those three cartridges, it has the best balance between stopping power and ammunition load. In many cases, it outperforms both the 9mm and .45 in several ballistic categories, such as the accuracy at range capabilities that you mentioned. The 9mm just doesn't kill fast enough, and the .45 takes up too much room in the magazine. I love the reliability of the 1911, but only having 7+1 rounds is unacceptable, in my opinion. Other .45s with larger magazines have gotten my attention, however.

    But if I could have any cartridge--no matter how limited its availability--I would choose the powerful but short-lived 10mm Auto, which is basically a .40 with more powder behind it. If SIG were to make a handgun in 10mm, I'd be all over it.

    By Blogger Jesse Clark, at February 05, 2006 2:47 PM  

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