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RPG Killer >>> Very, very cool. If anybody out there has video of this, shoot me an e-mail.

Nukes Suddenly Halal? >>> This should come as no surprise, considering the close alliance between Ahmadinejad and the Iranian mullahs. What makes this more complicated is the complex nature of Islamic Shari'a and the 'fiqh'--Islamic jurisprudence--which is basically the collection of fatwas--religious decrees--by the Muslim jurists, imams, and mullahs. In addition to the Qur'an and the hadith, this ever-changing 'consensus' of sorts is to be treated as law by Muslims. Think 'living Constitution' and you'll get the idea. (This is why the May 2003 fatwa which granted bin Laden and other terrorist leaders permission to use NBC weapons was so serious. It basically removed any moral or religious obstruction to the use of weapons of mass destruction by Islamic militants.) In addition, Iran is a predominately Shia country. So? Well in Shia Islam--which adheres to the Ja'fari school of jurisprudence--these fatwas are taken much more seriously. Also, for better or worse, Ja'fari fatwas are typically more flexible than their Sunni counterparts, as each Ja'fari jurist is able to inject their opinion into the ruling, thus adding a further degree of complexity to the fatwa.

More on Gitmo >>> Though feeling a little ill, Murdoc still coughs up--sorry, it was a pun that had to be made--an excellent look at the misrepresentation of the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. No wonder Murdoc doesn't feel so well...

The Side of Islam You Don't See >>> (*WARNING* Not safe for work. Or kids. Viewer uhhh.... 'discretion' is advised. You've been warned!) I found this over at Sandmonkey's place, and I'll just let it speak for itself. If you have time, read some of the comments as well.

The Dilbert Blog >>> This has nothing to do with anything that I normally discuss here, but I recently added The Dilbert Blog to my Humor/Satire blogroll, and today's post is exactly the kind of reason why. (Yes, this is the same Scott Adams who publishes the comic strip.) I have never really gotten into the Dilbert comic strip--sorry Scott--but the blog is absolutely hilarious. Also, if you were unfortunate enough to miss the short lived Dilbert TV show, you need to purchase the DVDs immediately. It set the standard for animated comedy even before Family Guy made it cool.


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