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UAE Port Deal >>> The Dubai company's ties to the Bush administration are no surprise. That's how politics works. But regardless of whatever political machinations are behind it, this deal looks like bad news. I don't buy into the notion that because this is a Middle Eastern company and since there's lots of terrorism 'round those parts that it means our ports are going to be insecure. The UAE is not Syria or Iran. A few of the Persian Gulf states are actually quite Westernized, with stable and wealthy governments and none of the 'Death to America' stuff coming out of the rest of the region. In fact, the UAE will soon host one of the worlds first spaceports. (It will be built by a US company. How's that for irony?) But I still don't like this deal. Our ports are already a security nightmare, and they should adequately defended before they are bought and sold between companies. How about nationalizing the port security apparatus while leaving the shipping aspect to the private companies? I like Charlie Munn's take on the issue.

Intelligence Gets Even More Complicated >>> Government bureaucracy = yuck.

The 3rd ACR in Iraq >>> Those of you that are familiar with the 3rd ACR's CO, Colonel H.R. McMaster, will understand that he is definitely one of the major reasons for the success of the 3rd ACR. McMaster has a PhD in history and is an expert on the Vietnam War, which he wrote a book on. In addition to his strategic wisdom, he also has a history of tactical prowess on the battlefield. His effective use of the element of surprise in the Battle of 73 Easting--the decisive Gulf War tank battle which saw the outnumbered US 2nd ACR obliterate the Tawakalna Division of the Iraqi Republican Guard--played a large role in the success of one of the largest tank battles of the entire war.

Better Bunker Busters Part One and Part Two >>> Remember those huge drills in the Matrix Revolutions?


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