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Attack On Saudi Oil Refinery >>> Note that this was the first attack on an actual oil-processing facility. All past attacks have been on the commercial offices of the oil companies themselves. Were it successful, this attack could have had massive implications, and as Charlie at The Officers' Club points out, it doesn't take a lot to upset the price of oil.

Golden Mosque Bombing: Fallout? >>> Iraq is still pretty much in lockdown, with curfews in effect and the threat of escalating ethnic violence just over the horizon. Things appear to have settled down, but if the Danish cartoons uproar and the UAE ports story are any indication, these kinds of things can go months before making their largest impact. Iraq isn't out of this shadow yet.

Bush and the Ports Deal >>> Gates of Vienna takes a look at why President Bush is so adamant that what seems to be a simple commercial transaction--at least on the surface--take place.

That Was Close! >>> In the spirit of the weekend, and just in case you were starting to feel safe out there, I present to you the Top 20 Nuclear Close Calls, or at least the ones that we know about....

State of Flux >>> This week, I've been introducing several new blogs that have thoroughly impressed me. One of these is State of Flux, written by Minh-Duc, an American soldier who recently served in Iraq. Minh-Duc grew up in Communist Vietnam, and offers a unique view of what life is like under a totalitarian regime. His post on moderate Muslims is especially noteworthy.


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