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Iraqi Civil War? >>> Bill Roggio looks at the fallout from the Golden Mosque bombing, and provides a number of links worth following. Mohammad provides some background and another look at the situation from Baghdad here.

UAE Ports Deal: Not Six, Not Eight, But Twenty-Three >>> For some reason, only six American ports are being reported as on the table. P&O Ports, a subsidiary of the P&O Group which has been bought by Dubai Ports World, operates over 100 ports in 19 countries. As far as American acquisitions go, the Northeast Intelligence Network lists 21 ports in question, but they do not include P&O's operations in Portsmouth and Newport News, both in Virginia. In addition, P&O runs another 17 ports in British Columbia, Canada. One of these--Vancouver--is major shipping hub. To view the geographical operations of P&O Ports, go here. (Macromedia Flash Player required) In the upper left, click on the tab 'Container Terminals' and then click on North America to see P&O's large-scale operations there. Next, click on the tab 'General Stevedoring' and once again on North America to see the smaller stevedoring operations.

Just Plain Cool >>> There are two stories here. First, the development of the Iraqi Air Force: As the article states, "the Mi-17 is the first weapon system that the Iraqi Air Force has acquired and funded without direct Coalition involvement." Secondly, the story of Major Sadun: His transition from a prisoner under Saddam for refusing to fire on Iraqi Kurds to learning English from a fellow inmate and becoming one of Iraq's premier helicopter pilots is simply remarkable.

Chart of the Day: Army Operational Unit Diagram >>> Click on stuff to make additional information appear from out of nowhere. (Note that several ranks on the right margin have been left out for simplification.) Thanks to Charlie at The Officers' Club for this one. As he says, "If nothing else, we are here to educate the public on how military works."

WTC Bombing: Thirteen Years And One Day Ago >>> It is a day that must be remembered, not only for the lives lost but the opportunities wasted.


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