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I'm Back

Regular posting will resume tomorrow.

I've made up my mind about the changes I'd like to make to the blog and its formatting. (No, nothing big. I'm not going to start posting in Farsi or Mandarin Chinese--though I wish I could.) Here's what's going down:

Monday through Friday will consist of the usual daily news format--the 'Linkzookery', as Murdoc would call it.

Saturday will be a more traditional single-issue post on whatever I want, but probably somehow connected to the major news of that particular week.

Sunday will now host the 'Idiot of the Week'. Before I started this blog, I operated one for a couple weeks called 'The Idiot Spotlight'. For various reasons I discontinued it--not because of the lack of idiots, trust me--but it's spirit will live on here. Stop by this Sunday to see who the first one is.


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