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I have two regrettable announcements to make, one of which is worse than the other. We'll do the really bad news first:

1. >>> The Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl.


2. >>> I will have very little time for blogging this next week, due to mid-terms. The soonest I would be able to post--at least with any semblance of quality--would be on Friday, but I've decided I will resume posting again on Monday the 13th, and use the extra time to update the site and organize my information gathering system into something less chaotic. My previous pledge to have all posts up by noon Pacific Time has failed miserably, so I'm going to re-evaluate my methods. In the mean time, there is a whole lot going on in the world--which I will still be watching closely--and I plan to jump back into it as soon as possible. Until then, this blog has now reached the 100 post milestone. Take some time and read through some archived posts; when you write something almost everyday for 4 months, it's always interesting to go back and see which predictions turned out to be correct, and which ones were totally off.

>>> Jesse Clark


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