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Counterinsurgency in Iraq >>> This is one of the best articles I've seen on Iraq in a long time. It covers everything from the three general phases of the war--from 2003 to present--to the nature of the Iraqi insurgency and everything in between. There's even a great Hobbesian reference! If you read just one thing today, this should be it.

Foiled Suicide Attack in Jordan >>> This kind of stuff is always good to hear. Terrorism Unveiled has more.

Shop and Awe >>> Kris Alexander brings up the economic front of World War IV, an aspect of this conflict that so far has been largely ignored.

Marine Snipers Infiltrate Fallujah Factory >>> It's not often that I come across a story that details a specific operation, but today I found one about a Marine Corps sniper team tasked with supporting Operation Industrial Revolution--what's next? Operation Protestant Reformation?--in Fallujah. Great stuff.

Zogby Poll >>> Murdoc smells something fishy about this poll and wants to know more. The Officers' Club addresses it here and here.

How Not to Write A News Story >>> Journalism students, pay attention.

Frank Advice on Port Security
>>> I thought this was worth linking to, so I linked to it. (Imagine that, eh?) Enjoy.


  • Jesse,

    I saw that "Shop and Awe" piece too. Really interesting, I thought. I do think, as he does, that we haven't leveraged every avenue that is available to us to help us win our cause. It's food for thought.

    As for the port security link - "Heh."

    By Blogger CP, at March 02, 2006 7:05 PM  

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