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Why al-Qaeda Is At Home in Pakistan >>> Presented in chronological order with the appropriate amount of name-dropping, this is an excellent resource for understanding the present state of al-Qaeda and its shift from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

The Bloody Borders Project >>> Baron Bodissey from long-time WWIV Daily favorite Gates of Vienna has put together a site to geographically chart every act of Islamic terrorism since 9/11, dubbed the Bloody Borders Project.
It's worth taking a serious look at, and I've added it to the NGO Resources section on the right. Oh yeah, and apparently the whole project was a honey-do of sorts for Dymphna, the Baron's wife. (Gates of Vienna is a husband-wife duo if you didn't know.) As she says, "The things we do for love..."

The Head of the Snake >>> This is Michael J. Totten's new post. Just read it.

How Not To Be Offensive >>> This one made me laugh. (Hat Tip: Murdoc)


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