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IOTW - Cindy Sheehan (sort of)

I had orginally planned to eviscerate Cindy Sheehan for her planned protest near Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. (For those unfamiliar with the base, Landstuhl is the primary hospital facility where injured soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan are treated once they are evacuated.) Sheehan has long been shooting her mouth off and running protests/media orgies around the US and Europe, but the planned Landstuhl protest went beyond the pale. She certainly has the right to protest, but wounded servicemembers should be off-limits. Those men and women touched the face of death in war; let them move on towards life in peace.

However, she has since changed her mind.

Interesting. For once, this woman has grown up and shown our American service members the slightest amount of respect, something that until now was completely alien to her. I am as thankful as I am surprised.

As such, I no longer have a post to write. Sure, Cindy's a moron and she'll most likely continue to be, but I can't bring myself to excoriate her after such stunningly mature behavior from such an embarrassing human being. Bummer.

Of course, there's always next week.


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