World War IV Daily


New Look, Same Great Taste?


If you were wondering why I suddenly stopped posting, it's because I've been setting up the new blog. But I suppose I should quantify what exactly I mean by 'new':

The new site is called 'Lima Charlie', and you can get to it here. Lima Charlie is military slang for 'loud and clear', and it pretty much sums up the spirit of the blog. I'll be covering the same issues I covered here at WWIV Daily, but in a cleaner, less demanding format and utilizing a much more versatile blogging service. (Let's hear it for TypePad) I've pretty much shelved the once-daily linkapalooza in favor of longer single-issue posts, but I haven't tossed it out completely. My main goal is to allow myself greater flexibility in posting, which should translate into a more interesting blog.

Anyways, hop on over to Lima Charlie and update your links and bookmarks. I'll see you there.

>>> Jesse

P.S. No, this is not an April Fools joke. I picked today because it also happens to be exactly six-months since I began writing WWIV Daily. I figured it would be the best possible time to make the transition. I'm weird like that.